Film Works

Painted by Richard Duarte Brown

In my junior year video production class, we did a project all about black history month. In this project there were a series of interviews of thriving professional individuals all over Ohio. I volunteered to spearhead this video and take on the interviews. I eagerly made a script of interview questions unique to each individual. I then researched our interviewees' professional accomplishments and read all about their work. I completed all the interviews and then helped in post production to edit. I thoroughly enjoyed this project beyond belief. I love learning about influential individuals making a difference in Ohio and having the opportunity to learn even more about themselves during interviews. This project gave me the chance to finally be in front of the camera and craft a script. This was one of my favorite videos I helped make in high school.

Cat Sanctuary Commercial

I have always had a deep connection to animals in need. This is why I decided to create a commercial for my local cat shelter my junior year of high school. For this project, I traveled to the feline sanctuary and filmed the cats. I then transferred the footage onto my computer and started editing. I recreated vectors for their logo and created a montage of the footage. Once I was done, I sent it to the sanctuary so they could use it for advertisements. I really loved doing this project because I got to spend time with the cats and develop a professional relationship with the sanctuary. I also had time to polish off my editing skills in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustrator. I felt that this project was meaningful because the commercial helped spread awareness to cats in need, and I helped get many adopted.

Cat Sanctuary Commercial (3).mp4
Animal Boogie Final (1).mp4

The Animal Boogie

I did this project in my sophomore year of high school when I was approached by a local dancer and director. She had the idea of recreating a children's book through dancing for a children's program for the Ashland Public Library. She had the idea that creating a book about dancing would get kids more excited about dancing. This was one of the biggest projects I have ever done. It was a massive amount of work, especially because I was leading it. This project was definitely a huge stepping stone for me when learning things like animations, editing, and voice overs. For this video I did numerous things. I developed animations of the animals in the book, made a 3D title, filmed dancing, created the set and painted the background, taught choreography, got costumes, and learned how to use stage lighting. There was so much effort that went into this project, and I was lucky enough to have the help of my friends. For this project I used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. This was the start of my learning in editing and organizing. I was happy to create this video for the Ashland Public Library, where I heard it was a big hit with the kids.