Outward Bound

My Expedition

On my Outward Expedition I experienced more than I could have ever dreamed of. I fell in love with Oregon and the wildlife. My expedition was all about learning how to rock climb and white water rafting. When I first got there I was beyond anxious, but quickly was taken by the environment. It was at Outward Bound where I found my love for the earth. Right off the bat, we had to prepare our camp. We lived in tents made out of a tarp and ate rationed food. During my first week, we spent each day rock climbing at Smith Rock. I had never rock climbed or white water rafted before, so everything was new to me. Nevertheless, I was excited to start. After the rock climbing portion of my trip, the remainder was spent white water rafting. We traveled to the Deschutes River and proceeded to raft for 98 miles. After my expedition I felt accomplished and well rounded. I learned so much about the plants and animals around me. While on my trip, I also completed community service with the state park, and I learned all about invasive species. This expedition was one of the hardest things I've ever experienced, but I learned so much about the world. The sights I saw in Oregon opened my mind to the beauty of land untouched by people. Outward Bound made me more informed, and grew my love for this world.