Odyssey Program

My Trip

At the Odyssey Program, I spent a week staying at Cleveland State University. In the program, directing and acting were the main focus. During the program, my interest in majoring in film progressed. I earned real life media experiences and learned numerous skills. This included acting in front of a camera, memorizing a script, directing actors, improv and stage acting. While there, I met people and had the chance to discuss film with people who had the same interests as me. I really enjoyed the Odyssey Program and it made me realize that film was something I want to pursue for the rest of my life.


Part of the Odyssey program was memorizing and performing a monologue. For my monologue, I chose the court scene from I, Tonya. I spent my nights memorizing lines, and on the last day of my program I performed in front of a camera. The experience was horribly frightening, especially since I had never acted before. Doing it in front of an audience was very difficult, but it taught me what acting is really like. Although it was scary, I learned a lot during the Odyssey Program.

gisella_blake (1080p).mp4