Vector Drawings

vector drawings are


In my sophomore year of high school I created this vector drawing of myself and my cat. This was one of my first projects in Adobe Illustrator, and this project helped me learn the ropes of vectors. This project was quite fun to create, but it was also challenging. Without knowing how to turn a simple drawing into digital art, I needed a lot of help. First I created the drawings and figures on paper, and transferred them onto Adobe Illustrator. Then, I traced my handwork and added details like shadows and gradients. After many days of work, I was happy to finish this project. This drawing helped me learn and produce better work in the future.

Trash Cat

I created this vector drawing in my senior year of high school. With all of the other work I do, I wanted to create something fun and simple. I recently rescued an orange cat who was abandoned in the woods. He currently lives inside, although he still acts like he has to scrounge for food. We often find him in the trash, or on the counter, devouring any food left behind. His behavior gave me inspiration to create this silly piece. I was really just trying to create a happy cat digging through the trash. Once again, I created the original design by hand, and overall finished it in Illustrator. With my advanced skills in Adobe Illustrator, this piece was much easier to create than the one above. With the little free time I had, I was able to make this fun design. This project helped polish off my skills and reminded me of the wonderful things I can create.